How many times after a busy weekend, have you promised yourself that you’re going to have an early night, only to find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed, or catching up on last weeks shows at 1.30am! Each of us have lifestyles that prevent us from getting a solid nights sleep often leaving us feeling groggy and unrested.  Read on to discover a nighttime routine that will have you relaxed and ready for the Sandman.


Tech Addicts

Our obsession with social media makes it nigh impossible to put your phone down the recommended 1 hour before going to sleep. But your sleep pattern is hindered by your devices far more than you realise.  Instead of staring at the phone screen, relaxing music is great for allowing your eyes to rest.  If you enjoy reading, a book or a kindle-like device with no back-light won’t trigger your brain into awakeness.


Late Night Eaters

When you eat meals close to bedtime, rather than relaxing and preparing you for sleep, your body focuses on digesting the food you’ve consumed.  This leads to you not only getting indigestion, but can also affect your effectiveness and memory the following day. More importantly, the later you eat the less waking hours your body has to digest your food; slower metabolism means weight gain, and nobody wants that!  Eating at least 3 hours before sleep ensures not only a restful nights sleep, but also no weight gain, can I get an AMEN!


Exercise Lovers

Starting your day with exercise is fantastic, not only does it keep you fit and give you a massive burst of energy that carries you throughout your day, it also ensures you feel ready to hit the sack once night falls.  However, if your daily schedule means that you often exercise at night  you may find your sleep pattern is affected.  If you’re unable to leave a recommended three hours before exercise and sleep, try meditation to help your body relax.


Active Minds

If you’re a neat freak like me, a cluttered room could lead to a spinning mind.  In order to combat this, ensure your room is clutter-free before bedtime and spritz your pillow with a free drops of lavender oil.  It may also help to write down your thoughts before you go to sleep to ensure your mind is completely clear and ready for dreamland.



As a parent, it’s a given that you’re going to be sleep deprived so it’s important to try and establish strict sleep habits for your kids.  Avoiding upsetting shows, dimming the lights and sending them to their rooms for story-time all send signals for bedtime which helps everyone to wind down.  Once the kids have gone to sleep try gentle stretching to help the mind and body to relax, or perhaps a bath with bath salts, lavender oil or your favourite essential oil blend.


What are your tips for a restful night?  Did any of our tips help?


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