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So Lagos Fashion & Design Week is almost here!  We wait all year them it comes and goes in the blink of an eye. It’s chaotic. It always is but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  It’s one of the biggest events on my social calender every year!!  As a Makeup Artist in Nigeria working in the Fashion Industry, it’s our version of New York, Paris, Milan Fashion Week etc.   I won’t lie, i’m super proud of Bimpe Onakoya, she’s my makeup bff and i’m her biggest fan.  I’m so excited for her, of her achievements and the fact that she was the first black african makeup artist to work with Maybelline at New York Fashion Week.

Everyone sees the glitz and the glamour out front watching the shows, taking pictures on the red carpet and critiquing all the beautiful designs as the models saunter along the catwalk, but they don’t see the mad rush and panic backstage when the models walk very casually off the stage and break into a full run stripping their clothes off with 10 people yelling at them to get into the next outfit.  The makeup artists and hair dressers are furiously yanking at their hair and wiping off one lipstick to go into the next.

It’s crazy. But it’s what we live for!

So as we count down to LFDW 2016 i’m going to take you backstage over the next three days to give you a sneak peek into the life of a working makeup artist at the most prestigious fashion event in Nigeria.  Over 4 days I managed to catch up with a couple of different designers, brand owners, fashioni-stars and of course.. Bimpe Onakoya.

In this episode I chat to the delectable Temi Dollface, who always stands out in a crowd.  She came to support the amazing Maki Oh and I gotta say.. I really love her versatility and style.

This is my first episode,  I’d really appreciate your feedback and suggestions on the type of videos you’d love to see me create for you!

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*Disclaimer … Excuse my hair.. it’s a state.. we’re running around like lunatics and it’s hot backstage. You’re lucky I even managed to comb my wig that day! Lol

*Double Disclaimer.. Fashion Week is Loud! Sorry if the background music does get a bit overwhelming at points in the video*

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