We’ve all been there, we do our laundry then struggle to put the clean clothes back into the wardrobe as there’s just not enough space.  The million dollar question you should ask yourself when this happens is “Do the items in my wardrobe serve me?”.  There are two things you should consider when trying to answer this question:

  1. Does a particular item of clothing make you feel good when you wear it? Does it flatter you? If you’re not able to answer without trying it on first, go ahead.  Once you’ve tried it on though, ask yourself once more. If it’s an all around no, throw it out.
  2. Do you actually wear the item of clothing? When is the last time you wore it? The general rule here is that if it’s not been worn for 6 months you should get rid of it.  However, I’ll allow you some wiggle room and say that if you can’t remember the last time you wore it then, it’s time to go.  Better yet, if you’ve never worn it stop reading this article immediately and chuck it out! All it’s doing is taking up space and contributing to dust.

If throwing out “perfectly good” clothes unnerves you, there’s something you can do to ease yourself into making the decision.  Hang a tag on all of the items in question and pick a date four weeks ahead.  If you don’t wear that item between now and the date on the tag, it’s safe to assume you’re not going to wear it in the next year. If you do wear it and you feel great in it, then fantastic, put it back in your wardrobe.




There are many benefits of de-junking your wardrobe; your clothes have more space so they don’t crease and get crushed, you can see what you have and more importantly what you don’t have (cue more shopping, hurrah!), you’ll discover a whole host of outfits you never knew existed, and the ultimate bonus, giving away unwanted clothes to charity makes you feel great!

So stop putting it off and get to de-cluttering!


Article adapted from Popsugar.

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