Let’s throw it all the way back to the 70’s where Big Hair was the “it” thing and Soul Train was in place of the Kardashians. The bigger the hair, the higher the heels and the wider the pants! In true millenial fashion, wide leg pants are one of those recycled trends that have just refused to go out of style. They started out of course in the Soul Train era, as previously mentioned, made re-appearance in the 90’s, when 3LW were the in vogue girl-band and has now made its way back to the spotlight as the trend of the season! Timeless Trends never go out of style (duh) and when it comes to timeless, we believe that Wide leg pants take the cake. Here are a few variations of the Wide Leg Pants:

The Classic Wide Leg Pants

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Style Pantry

We’re talking Classic 70’s style wide leg pants with the straight cut, high waist and the right amount of length. This variation is the most popular and the most timeless of them all.


Bell Bottoms

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Photo Credit: NY Times on NYFW Streetstyle

The Bell Bottoms are also very 70’s. It starts out straight and snug, then completely flairs out at the knee. This style is for the brave and fashion forward at heart. Not everyone (in this day and age) can pull it off.


The Palazzo Pants


Patricia Bright

These are the ultimate lazy girl pants! Comfortable, super wide, light but very fashionable. They are versatile and can be styled in more ways than one.


Pleated Wide Leg Pants

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Pleats were the millenial touch added to the wide leg pants. Especially in the metallics! Pleats + Metallic + Wide Leg = Fashion bombshell!





Let it never be said that culottes are not a type of wide leg pants…because they are! Its like a mutant hybrid between the 3 quarter pedal pushers, the classic wide leg pants and the palazzo, all leading to an ultra modern and ultra chic trend of its own!


Which style is your favourite?




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