In the health industry today, everyone is on about eating right and counting your calories to lose weight and live healthy.

As true as that is, some of us just aren’t there yet. We are just beginners and calories is just another word we are not interested in looking up right now.

If you agreed with the above sentence then this article is for you!  Here are five ways to eat healthier without counting calories:


Buy a smaller plate

Eat from Small Plates



Psychology has proven that when we eat with a bigger plate our brain automatically makes us feel like we need to fill it up but when we substitute with a small plate we fill it up faster and we tend to eat smaller portions, which translates to us eating fewer calories than we would have originally eaten.


Fruits and vegetables make the world a prettier place.

Fruit & Veg

Diets that normally consist of a good intake of fruits and vegetables help with keeping your heart healthy and also help in weight loss.

You can try making your foods more colourful by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diets, adding them in your smoothies, replacing half your plate with vegetables and including them with every meal.


Carry your snacks with you


Packing your snack in advance is one way to keep the weight off and prevents you from snacking on expensive and unhealthy snacks during the day.

One good way to do this is having a healthy snack stash, both at work and at home


Drink lots of water

Drinking Water


Drinking lots of water helps us re-hydrate our bodies. A good way to make this work for you is carrying your own water bottle around and if plain water isn’t your thing then try boosting it up with fruits to give you nice naturally flavoured water.


Eat breakfast

Bagels for Breakfast


Like you might have heard a thousand times already breakfast is the most important meal of the day but here are some reasons why; It helps with boosting your energy level (which you need to start your day), it also prevents you from binge eating and keeps you full till your next meal which will help you make better food choices during the day and also help with maintaining your weight.


So there you have it, eating healthy without counting calories!

Amenze x

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