You have made it to the end of the year and you have successfully met your body weight goals or you are almost there but right now there is just one problem: CHRISTMAS PARTIES! They are everywhere you go, either your office’s final get together for the year, a class reunion or one organized by family or friends.

Wherever it holds one thing is certain; there will be food, lots of it.

So how do we say no? Or better yet leave the party without adding back the pounds it took you so long to shed?

Here are three helpful tips:


  1. Share with a friend – When going for such parties it is usually a great idea to go with a friend. Not only will they keep you company but you can both nibble off the same plate and it helps divide your calories in half without even trying Sharing Food The BF Collective
  2. Stay uber hydrated – You have probably heads this one a lot but here it goes again, take water with everything, take water before everything. It will keep you from reaching for the soda drinks and help you consume a little less alcohol (remember alcohol has calories too) Water The BF Collective
  3. Eat more protein- Always reach out for the protein first (beef, fish, lamb, chicken etc.). Protein is one of our essential energy nutrients and it helps to fill us up faster and keeps us satisfied for a long period. So if it comes down to unhealthy carbs and protein, then make the protein the bigger portion on your plateGoulash The BF Collective





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