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We’re still at it with #NaijaBrandsRock and today’s featured product is the Pout by Maksins.


Pout by Maskins
Initial Impression / Branding

I’d never heard of Pout by Maksins before, so when we received the care package to review, my first impressions were wow, Maksins are serious!

But Pout is just one of the brands that Maskins produces. We received an array of matte lipsticks, glosses, lashes and wigs to sample and I found their initial range quite impressive.

The packaging was clean and unfussy and had a nice sleek edge to it, similar in design to colour pop cosmetics glosses.  My favourite part?  Their logo, which features lips as the “O” in Pout.  It made me feel that they’d really thought about their brand identity, always a plus in my book!


 Product Quality

The lipsticks come in a wide range of colours, we received 6 to sample.  From daytime nudes to bolder colours for a night out or for photoshoots.

Pout by Maskins

The first thing I noticed was the smell, it has a nice mild vanilla scent, which isn’t at all necessary for a lip product, but it gave it a nice unique touch.

The lipsticks themselves were a nice thickness and were very easy to apply.  They dried quite quickly and gave  matt finish without leaving your lips feeling tight and uncomfortable.  They also did exactly what they said on the box! Those babies were hard to get off and even with coconut oil, it had to rub quite a bit to get all of the colour off of my arm.

I tried to the colour Lust which I wore with a brown liner, and it gave a nice 90’s style nude lip.  However, because it was so pale I wouldn’t have been able to wear it without the liner without looking like a crazy person!  I was wearing it for a couple of hours before I decided to go out for dinner.  As with most matt long-stay lipsticks, my lips had started to feel quite dry, so I simply re-hydrated with a little shea butter and I was good to go.  It still retained it’s long stay property and didn’t crumble off like some of the other brands do.

Pout by Maskins


They also sent some lashes which are all human hair.  I’m not really a lash kinda girl, but I quite liked these ones as they were super soft without looking too fake.  Of all of the styles they sent, my favourite were definitely the M10 which were really natural looking.



N1000 each but there’s a promo on for N400 when you buy a minimum of 10!!

maksins-hair lashes

Hard Case lashes which look just like MAC but at less than half of the price! Only N1500 but they’re available at a bargain price of N600 for more than 12 pcs!!!

Lastly, they also sent through some of their wigs.  Again, I’m definitely not a wig girl, or weaves for that matter, I love having my own hair out, but I could definitely see myself wearing the one I tested out.  What do you guys think?


Short Bob Wig retails at N15,000

Value for Money

At only N2000, they’re fantastic value for what you’re getting.  Matt lipsticks in a ariety of colours that aren’t drying.  Even when my lips started to feel dry, the lipstick didn’t start to crumble off which is the absolute worst feeling!

The lashes are very reasonably priced but they have an amazing offer on at the moment so you can make great savings by buying more than 10 pieces (perfect for makeup artists and lash addicts).

The wigs were good quality.  Heat resistantfibre hair is usually very cheap looking but overall these were good value for money.  We also received a long Ombre and a Long Black Wig (N18,000).


Final Verdict

The brand is very vast.  And it’s always really exciting to come across a brand that isn’t based in Lagos. They’re actually in Port Harcourt!!   Just goes to show that Naija Brands do Rock and they Rock around Nigeria.

The website for the glosses is simple enough and easy to shop, however, I didn’t like the fact that the models on the site are white.  At first I was confused and thought perhaps I had gone to the wrong page, but after recognising the packaging, I realised they had just used  stock images.  Seeing as it’s a make up brand catered to black women, I would’ve liked it if they’d done a photoshoot here using local models.

Nonetheless, I would recommend the brand to people if they’re looking for an indigenous brand who sells matt lipsticks, lashes and wigs as they’ve really got the formulation and product range right.

The main site takes you too all their different brands so you get to see the full variety of their range.  I really like the fact that they have affordable brands and premium brands. So it caters to every pocket, but all of them are prices quite reasonably.

Overall though, we were really impressed with the thought that went into the brand!

Giveaway Time

So if you’d like to find out for yourself why i’m so excited about these products, we have a fabulous gift bag up for grabs for one lucky winner!! All you have to do to stand a chance of winning.

  1.  Make sure you’re following @poutbym and @thebfcollective on Instagram.  Like the giveaway picture.
  2.  Answer this simple question  in the comments section below ‘What lipstick colour did I try?’

Winner will be announced on Sunday 18th  December.

Good luck!

Feel free to leave comments and also rate the brand as well. Join in the fun.  Have you ever used any of their products, what do you think, lemme know?


Contact Details

Address: Plot 90, Elinda plaza, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Number: +2348027374322

Instagram: @poutbym @maksinshair (for hair & lashes) @sisicollectionhair

Email: info@poutbymaksins.com

Website: www.maksinshair.com (you can shop all the ranges available from there) and they offer worldwide delivery!

Naija Brands Rock - Pout by Maksins (Review & Giveaway)
Initial Impression/Branding
Product Quality
Value for Money
3.7Overall Score
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  1. Kells

    You tried the color “LUST”. I think it’s an lovely brand with a very affordable price range compared to the quality products they have to offer

  2. michelle damilola

    I bought the barely matte lipstick at ikota shopping complex I must say it was so smooth n soft on my lips,it last all day n the smell is so pleasant it was totally worth it

  3. TheB&FCollective

    The winner for Pout has been chosen, thanks to everyone who entered and the kind comments! There’s another giveaway today and two tomorrow, so still more chances to win! We also run Monday moodlift giveaways weekly, so make sure you come back to the site regularly for giveaways! x


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