It’s February which means most of us are still on our New Year healthy eating plan.  As you’ve most likely discovered, eating healthy isn’t easy!  It can be doubly frustrating when you realise that all of the healthy choices you thought you were making are actually filled with hidden sugars!  Read on to discover some of the unlikely common culprits.



Peanut Butter

Hidden Sugar in Food - Peanut Butter via The B&F Collective

As a general rule, the only ingredient in peanut butter should be peanuts!!


Green Tea

Hidden Sugar in Food - Green Tea via The B&F Collective


If you’re like me, you feel good when you buy green tea, smug even! But, like peanut butter, green tea should only contain green tea. Checking labels is paramount in ensuring that things like chicory haven’t been included because this is a natural sweetener.  The benefits come from the green tea itself, not the sweeteners that have been added so make sure you’re buying what you think you are.


Beverages Made With Plant-Based Milks

Hidden Sugar in Food - Cappuccino via The B&F Collective


It’s great that coffee shops and cafes are offering soya and almond milks as alternatives, but when placing your orders, make sure to ask them if the milks they’re using are unsweetened, you’ll be surprised by their answers.


Protein Bars & Granola Bars



When we hear granola or protein bars, we automatically assume that they are the holy grail of health due to the oats, nuts, and dried fruit they’re crammed with.  In actual fact, they’re packed with sugar.  Store bought varieties are always going to have sugar added to them, but try to chose those that have four grams or less per pack for a midday snack that is a healthy as you think it is.


Dried Fruit

Hidden Sugar in Food - Dried Fruit via The B&F Collective

All dried fruit is healthy cos it dried fruit right? Wrong! Some brands add sugar to enhance the sweetness.  Popular fruits that often have sugar added to them are : cranberries, blueberries, mango, and apples. So again, check labels and make sure there is only one ingredient.


Whole Wheat Bread

Hidden Sugar in Food - Whole Wheat Bread via The B&F Collective


Another food we assume to be the holy grail of foods, all whole wheat breads are going to contain healthy complex carbohydrates, but it’s important to monitor the type and amount of sugar added. As with granola and protein bars, ensure that the variety you choose has four grams of sugar per slice or less.


Happy eating!

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