Eggs are one of my favourite food choices. It pretty much makes up about 80% of my breakfast options.

Asides from the fact that they are so easy to make, they are also very nutritious. They contain essential amino acids and are rich in protein; a single egg contains about 6g of protein.

Eggs are also known to contain a large amount of cholesterol about 221mg per egg, which is high compared to the 300mg per day recommendation not that it is a bad thing as it raises the LDL (good) cholesterol levels.

However for those who need to take the yolk out for personal or health reasons here are two ways it can be achieved without it been totally messy.


Using the shell of the egg

How to remove egg from the shell via the BF collective

With this method you carefully break the egg from the middle over a bowl. With the egg slightly tilted, when it breaks the yolk goes into one half of the shell; the lower half.

Transfer the yolk from one shell to the other continuously as the white drips into the bowl below



Using a plastic water bottle

How to remove egg from the shell via the BF collective

This method is so simple to use and a lot less messy. All you need is:

  • A cracked egg in a bowl
  • A water bottle

With the mouth of the plastic bottle facing the bowl containing the egg gently squeeze the bottle; place the mouth of the bottle near the egg yolk and gently release it.

Now you are done with removing the yolk, instead of throwing it in the trash, why not try out this simple face mask:


Simple egg yolk face mask.

How to remove egg from the shell via the BF collective

What you will need;

2 Egg yolks (yeah, you don’t need to break the bank for this one)



Spread the egg yolk evenly on your face and leave it for another 20 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry with a face towel


Egg yolk is a highly valued ingredient in a lot of facial recipes as it helps with acne, removing dead skin cells, for dry and oily skin and when mixed with other ingredients provides lots of soothing facial masks options.

Until Next Time!

Amenze x


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