If you’re like me, you try to a wardrobe cleanse at least once a year.  More often than not in order to make space for the pieces of clothing that live on the chair in the corner of the room!  However, before throwing out an item that you’ll completely regret, make sure you protect these 7 pieces!

7 pieces of clothing you should never throw out via the bf collective


1. That dress that makes you feel like a million dollars. I’m not talking about the dress you wore to your University prom, but rather the dress that is guaranteed to make you look hawt on even your fattest day!

2. Ripped or distressed jeans. There’s truly nothing better than ripped and distressed looking denim, other than denim that is genuinely worn after having owned them for years. Even if you don’t like the style, you can almost guarantee that you’ll regret throwing them out.

3. Your first grown-up handbag. Your first investment that saw you save up for ages to buy is more than a bag, but rather the equivalent of getting your first period.  Truly a rite of passage!

4. Any family heirloom jewellery. Even if it’s not your style, don’t donate the jewellery that was handed down by Grandma.  Even if it’s costume jewellery, one day your own daughter will lust over them.  And given how fashion trends are, they may even make it back to being fashionable.

5. A classic white button down shirt. If you’re like me, you almost never wear white shirts and you may well be tempted to throw the ones you own out.  However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the shirt ends up being the perfect pairing for a full skirt and you make like Carolina Herrera.

6. Your rusty vintage frames. Throwing these out is true sacrilege!  Vintage frames will always look good, maybe no this year but definitely next year.  Take them to an optometrists, get them cleaned and take pleasure in everyone asking you where you got your funky frame from.

ose low-tops have seen everything. Stash them in the back of your rack. They’ll keep you honest.

7. The statement blazer that you used to live in. I’m guessing you used to live in it because it went with everything?  So why throw it out! Sometimes wearing what you want to and feel comfortable in beats wearing something trendy, so keep hold of that blazer!



What other items of clothing are you going to keep hold of?




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