Calling all budding fashion designers! The annual Social Media Week starts 27th February and the Fashion x Tech seminar brought to you by The Assembly, is a must for all those interested in learning more about the opportunities and challenges associated with sourcing fashion in Africa.

Industry professionals will gather to discuss sourcing fashion from Africa and how technology can be used as an enabler for our continent to become a formidable and sustainable sourcing hub.

Social Media Week - Fashion x Tech via The BF Collective


Social Media has given fashion brands the opportunity and in some cases a mandate to leverage technology to provide transparency of their sourcing and manufacturing processes. This has aided the communication of brand storytelling and PR, but how else can technology be leveraged to connect and promote local manufacturing and sourcing in Africa’s fashion industry?

Africa’s investment in new technologies lags behind that of developing economies. Increased investment is needed in energy, R&D, wide spread tech skills, industrial engineering and lean manufacturing. How can we as an industry add to existing efforts, invigorate this conversation further into actually igniting innovation and implementing development?

Join Pepper Chikezie and the panelists in a conversation aimed at inspiring the innovation at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Attendees will gain:

  • Learn more about the current fashion and tech landscape in Africa.
  • First hand expert and experienced accounts of sourcing and manufacturing within Nigeria and across the continent.
  • Opportunity to meet industry experts
  • Network with fellow entrepreneurs and start ups

Who should attend this session?

Fashion, tech and digital creatives, design and creative arts students, manufacturers, fashion bloggers, fashion and social entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and everybody else interested in fashion and tech.

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